Just me, a middle aged woman surprised by her age, with an aversion to purple and the word slacks.

I talk to myself, love, laugh, argue, work, feel sad, happy, up, down and spend far too much time wasting time. I drink wine and I love footy. I read a lot but I don’t have a tattoo.  I’m a daughter, mother, partner, sister, friend, aunty, niece, a reasonable cook and hopelessly uncoordinated. I read the trashy mags at the checkout.  I’m probably a lot like you – just without the tattoos.  And who knows, maybe you can ski.
I take too many photos and I love jokes about cows. It’s embarrassing  but only for my kids. They outnumber me anyway so I don’t know what they’re worried about.

I swear when I get angry and lots of things make me angry.  Bad manners, dresses for dogs and anyone who thinks asylum seekers are being given a fair go  That’s just some of a long list. Dresses without sleeves are up there too along with decaf coffee – I just don’t get that.

Why the blog?  Just to chat, to vent, to discover and show the world that MAW come in all shapes and sizes.   That we’re funny, feisty, compassionate, joke telling merry makers who can rock a great haircut, tell a funny joke (extra points for cow jokes) and have an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity baby names.  Amongst other things.




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